After the biggest cyber attack in history, that happened on May 12th and lasted the whole week, information security specialists believe others will happen throughout the year.

Considering this, your company’s data is under new risks, isn’t it?

Maybe. If you are careful, you may not be a victim of ransomware.

See what you need to do.

What is a ransomware attack?

Before checking your company’s best data protection policies, you must understand that ransomware uses cryptography to extort victims.

Attacks can cause loss of right to access information, confidentiality, and data leakage. Both individuals and corporations can be targeted by cyber criminals.

What should be done to avoid paying the ransom in case of an attack?

To avoid losing money with ransom and having your data safeguarded, the best alternative is to invest in backup management and prioritize the backup of the company’s information.

How to have an efficient backup management?

Backup is the last and most important barrier the company has to protect its information. If any incident happens and someone needs to recover some data, it is critical that the service is working properly. Otherwise, jobs, contracts and lots of other relevant information can be lost forever.

“Today, a good data storage service is much more than just copying files. The main backup solutions in the market have processes, management model and intelligent systems, are able to understand the routine of the companies and work to ensure business continuity in the face of a disaster, as well as providing relevant information to meet audit requirements and deliver the tranquility the clients need and deserve. “

What are the advantages to your company?

Security in information management, greater efficiency of processes, data availability, transparency and cost reduction.

Only a differentiated and on-demand solution for your business will map and manage the risk of data loss in your network.

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