The story of your company is written page by page, every day. It has information about clients, contacts, financial data, employee records, documents, contracts and images, among other relevant content produced daily. Have you realized that keeping all of it is network backup service? That’s why it’s so important to ensure the tranquility of your company outsourcing the corporate backup policy.

According to a survey released by the Information Technology Board, linked to the Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Education, about 70% of Brazilian companies that lost all their data ended their activities up to eighteen months after the event.

There are several unforeseen events that can cause this damage, such as fire, flood, employee errors when erasing or replacing important files, virus and hardware fault.

In its latest global study, EMC, an American multinational company in IT infrastructure, said that problems with data loss and inactivity cost up to $ 26 billion a year to Brazilian companies. In addition, the study pointed out that 62% of Brazil’s IT professionals do not fully trust their ability to recover information after an incident. In general, companies had 17 hours of downtime, leading to revenue loss and delaying the delivery of services and products.

Network backup: last and most important data security protection

Even with these alarming numbers, many organizations do not realize the importance of prioritizing information backup, as it is a much more complex process than it looks.

It is a procedure that demands time and attention to control all the changes that occur daily at the companies. Only with internal cultural change and using the right tools will it be possible to ensure the integrity of the data.

Backup is the last and most important protection the company has to safeguard its information. If any incident happens and someone needs to recover the data, it is critical that the service is working properly. Otherwise, jobs, contracts and lots of other relevant information can be lost forever.

Much more than copying files

Some companies still do not see this as strategic and end up using old fashioned storage methods, putting the whole business at risk.
IT has evolved a lot in recent years, and backup systems have also kept pace with it. Today, good data storage service is much more than just copying files. There are companies in the market that offer backup solutions aligned with management and intelligence which are able to understand the day-to-day procedures of companies and provide relevant information for more assertive decision making.

The result? Reliable information management, greater process efficiency, data availability guaranteed, transparency and cost reduction.

Can you understand how important backup is to your company so it does not stop?

Only a tailored and on-demand solution for your business will map and manage the behavior of your network. For instance, if an event is happening every day, at the same time, it is possible to adopt a system that generates an alert to allow the analysis of the cause of the recurring event, avoiding losses for the company.

Pay attention to the backup management in your company! There is no point in investing in technology if you do not manage your information correctly.
Look for a company that can offer more than tools, a company that can offer TaaS, Tranquility as A Service, and do not lose a page of you company’s story.

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