What do you do with the alerts sent by your company’s monitoring system? On a daily basis it is not easy to monitor a multitude of items that are under IT management to ensure business continuity. So, the natural tendency is that, in face of incidents, decisions are made according to the problems and data assessment based on categories or features, which is not always the best decision.

When you have a problem, usually the strategy is to solve it at any cost. The point is that this cost can not be recurrent nor endless. This type of action tends to affect the performance of the team, the budget and even become inefficient in the long term.

Monitoring goes far beyond installing tools and setting alert levels. It needs a continuous management of indicators, to map the location and impact of each of the monitored items, lots of environmental documentation, well trained staff in the processes related to this operation and, mainly, management.
After all, a tool that sends a text message or an automatic email does not solve the problem. Alerts tend to be ignored and emails redirected to a folder that no one reads. That is “Moniboring”.

We offer:

Failproof service flow

Incident history with behavior analysis

Workflow adaptable to the criticality of each business

Give the IT managers information in the same quality level given to others managers in the company.

Throughout our partnership, KYMO has always been open to listening to our demands and technically up-to-date with the market, playing a key role in maintaining and evolving our IT infrastructure monitoring and support.

Simone Luvizan | IT Manager

KYMO is a company committed to the quality of the services it provides, working in partnership with and in harmony with the internal team. This makes the difference in the final result.

Cristina Leal de Castro IT Manager of the Unimeds Federation of Paraná

KYMO and our partner are 7 years old, always supporting us both in their own improvement and without support from day to day.
Suggest new technologies, understand our needs and possibilities, always with the goal of making our environment more and more safe and available.
In short, a succession partnership that will no longer yield good results.

Francisco Carelli | IT ManagerAsso Honda