The IT manager, unlike the managers of other areas of the company, is often not equipped with intelligent and automated systems that help him to identify behaviors that could jeopardize the information security policy or even the business.

What exists, as a rule, is a mountain of ​​suppliers, information security tools and equipment that deliver only data, with little (often no) integration or intelligence.

In this sense, a big question hangs in the air: how to manage everything without quantitative and qualitative information regarding the performance of each of the resources used?

In addition, the processes are not controlled automatically, which allows human failures and confuses the manager, who still does not know the causes of the incidents.

To be business-driven, it is crucial that IT learn not to mix incidents with unavailability and classify them on the basis of impact (preferably automatically).

And this will only be possible from the moment the organization has  technology focused on monitoring the core business, allowing the information to evolve to knowledge and, consequently, to increase sales and improve processes with focus on profits.

Here are four important behaviors that a good IT monitoring system can identify:

1# Understand the on going demand of the organization

Understanding network performance and traffic is valuable information for the IT manager to use to make decisions. Intelligent monitoring services are crucial to generate indicators that allow the professional to understand the ongoing demand of the organization and to draw an assertive action plan.

2# Guarantee availability of applications

There is nothing more unproductive than being unable to access company data from anywhere and from any device. To avoid this happening in your company, you must have a faultless and operationally efficient IT infrastructure, ensuring high application performance.

3# Maintain the quality levels of business systems

Monitoring the performance of each application in real time and monitoring its behavior is essential to ensure the quality of business systems and the good performance of the infrastructure. And this is only possible when you have people and intelligent systems working together.

4# Generation of performance indicators

By using a sophisticated information technology tool that intelligently collects data, correlating information, you are able to visualize performance indicators and make more assertive decisions, mitigating problems.

By having access to these behaviors, of course, your area will be much more valuable.

In addition, harnessing the power of results and decisions that information can bring is the key to taking another step towards growth leverage.

Behavior-based monitoring and intelligent, automated backup management are important tools for managers who want to optimize their IT and ensure business continuity.

The company, as well as its information, is constantly on the move and closely monitoring these changes is the key to increase availability and recover your data in case of any incident. Ignoring this item is wasting everything that is relevant to the business and endangering the reputation of IT and the company. Think about it!

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