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Incident Behavior Analysis
We monitor and track each incident by Configuration Item (CI). This allows us to analyze incident behavior and create a Business Intelligence view for IT, which helps IT managers in decision making.
Incident Tracking and Transparency
On a single platform, you can drill-down on any incident, for analysis and understanding of what is happening.
Protection like you've never seen it
YMO, for over 9 years, has been delivering 100% success in restoring data to all customers, this is possible because, in addition to a team of backup management specialists, our solution integrates with various backup software. and identifies gaps that can put customer data at risk.
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Our solutions
Smart IT Monitoring
Transform all your day-to-day incident management challenges into a fail proof, information-driven and decision-focused service.
Backup Management
Disaster Recovery
A fully integrated service that protects your data, with all the security your business needs and a 100% track record of success in data recovery in case of incidents or attacks
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