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Did you know that the IT monitoring service can add a lot more value to your management?
Have a good monitoring tool is a good start, but what happens next? How do you ensure that the monitoring process is running correctly? What do you or your team do with each alert generated? Do you work on the symptom or the cause?

Monitoring goes far beyond installing tools and setting up alert levels. It requires a continuous management of the events, mapping the location and impact of each monitored items, a lot of documentation of the environment, a well-prepared team in the processes related to this operation, and, mainly, management.
The fact is that analyzing a multitude of data and alerts that occur in the IT area is something that takes a lot of time, wears out the team, and does not always bring results to the operation.

Having this in mind, KYMO has developed a smart monitoring service focused on improving IT Operation and Management. Thanks to this platform, created exclusively by KYMO, we ensure that the monitoring process occurs according to the needs of each business, respecting the characteristics of each client. The analysis generated by our solution allows us to anticipate and avoid future incidents, optimizing the operation's performance and, mainly, providing quality information so that the manager can always make the most assertive decisions.
Why is our Monitoring Smart?
KYMO's Monitoring Service is an evolution of traditional monitoring and stands out because of the smart layer that allows us to analyze the data collected, going far beyond identifying incident alerts and logging tickets. We focus on information, we take care of details, we observe repetitive situations, trying to identify behaviors that represent risks for IT or that may impact the business.

KYMO's Smart Monitoring System ensures that all incidents are handled end-to-end. In addition, it provides quality information, very close to a 'Business Intelligence' solution for IT, delivering management reports with KPIs that help clients make better decisions and invest time, money and effort where it is really needed.
That is Cost Efficiency!

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